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Brew Dash 6k

A couple of Saturdays ago I ran in the Brew Dash 6k at the Whitewater Center. I was really excited about this race but so nervous at the same time because I didn't feel like I had adequately prepared for my first trail race!

Luckily (and unluckily) the race didn't start til 11. It was great to get a little more sleep (Clay was up and down the entire night before), but it was so much hotter at 11 than it would have been at an 8 or 9 start.

The morning of the race I got myself and Clay up and somehow managed to get us both dressed, fed (pb toast & coffee for me, my normal pre-race meal), and the car loaded and we were on our way to meet Liz who offered to watch Clay while I ran. We got there and found a spot for the blanket and we all got all sunscreened up before we headed up to the start where lots of picture taking happened.

So I walked when I needed to. Then ran when I could. At one point I got stuck in a pack and just had to run at their pace or be trampled on. Once I found a clearing to take a break I had put my head down and some amazing woman came by and patted me on the back.

Can I just say how much I love my fellow runners?? In every race I've ran I've had some encouragement from complete strangers. My most favorite is when runners finish then come back along the course to cheer other runners along.

SIDEBAR: One of my favorite sporting events that I've been a spectator at was when I went to watch my friend Troy in his marathon. Everybody at the finish line is cheering and clapping and acting a fool over a complete stranger. I love it.

While I was near death, Liz was getting to hang out with Clay baby and captured these sweet moments:


Before the race I had set a goal for myself of 50 minutes (I know, I'm slow). Around 45 minutes I checked my phone and it said I had only gone around 3 miles. What? There was no way I was finishing in under 50!
So imagine my surprise when a minute later I came through the clearing and there was the finish line! Just one more steep hill to conquer! My GPS had messed up and I ended up finishing in 47:21!

So I thought it would be fun to grab Clay and cross the finish line with him. He was not impressed.

This was by far the hardest race I've ran but it also seemed to go by the quickest! I'm definitely a new fan of trail running!

And then we spent the next five hours at the Brew Bash and got burn like lobsters :/

Oh! And before I forget this, here was how Liz motivated me through texts since she couldn't be with me:

Love that girl.

Now go get your run on!!




Training Tuesday

My attempt with Training Tuesday is to keep you updated on my running! Sometimes it will be every week, sometimes once a month. I apologize for the rambling in this post, I’m still trying to format how I want this to go. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

…I’ve started doing the 8 minute videos (abs, buns, legs, and abs) in addition to running and I eventually want to pick up yoga once or twice a week. I’m also trying to be better about stretching and fueling for my runs.

I have a race coming up this Saturday (a 6k) then I don’t have another race until the half in November. I’m not sure if I’ll run any races between the two or just focus on training for the half. Thoughts?

So this Saturday…
…is the Brew Dash 6k. I’m excited about this race because a) it’s at the Whitewater Center and b) I’ll get a sweet t-shirt. I’m NOT excited about this race because a) I’ve only ran trails one other time and b) it will be my first time racing alone. No Lizbeth to pace me! She’s sitting this one out and watching my sweet baby while I race.

To prepare…
…my wonderful friend Troy (who ran his last 5k in under 19 minutes-woohoo) gave me this plan for this week:
Sunday: Run
Monday: Run
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Run
Thursday: Cycle or stretch
Friday: Rest and stretch

So we’ll see how that goes. Things get a little unpredictable when you throw a baby in the mix!

Wish me luck!

And so this post isn’t all just me blabbing…

20130610-182235.jpg (I have no clue where I found this photo-I downloaded it onto my phone a really long time ago.)


Training Tuesday

Well, hello there! On Tuesdays (well, maybe not every Tuesday), I will be bringing you Training Tuesdays. I’ll be sharing updates on my race training and all that goes with it (running, workouts, weight loss, eating well).

Without further ado…

My first race of 2013 is coming up on April 6th and I’m so excited! I’m running a Color Me Rad 5k in Knoxville with Lizbeth! So far I’m up to running a mile and a half without stopping and I have my mile to under 12. This is HUGE for me! Liz had made me a running program and she’s already had to adjust it once because I’ve been doing so well! Woohoo!

I decided last week to add other workouts to my training and had multiple people refer me to the Nike Training Club app. So far I’ve only done one workout but I love it!
Here’s why:
-It has different level workouts (beginner, advanced, etc).
-It has videos showing you how to do the move.
-It has 15 minute workouts for when I’m running short on time.
-You can sync the music off of your phone to the workout.
-It talks to you throughout the workout!

If you’re looking for new workouts I would recommend that you give the Nike Training Club app a try!

Well, that’s all for now!

Happy Tuesday!


Reindeer Romp 5k

After I had Clay I couldn’t wait to start working out again! Besides some rock climbing I had majorly slacked off the few months before I got pregnant and during my pregnancy I climbed a little at the beginning then just walked the rest of the time. I contemplated getting a gym membership again but honestly, I can think of a million other ways to spend $50 and when would I ever have time to go? Who would watch Clay? It was then that I decided to start running. I’ve tried in the past but I was pretty determined to stick with it. It’s free (or should I say WAY cheaper), I can take Clay (weather permitting), and it’s a great workout.

I decided from the beginning that I should just pick a race and sign up for it. I thought if I did tht I would definitely stick with running because I had paid the entry fee! I started running on October 14th and my race wasn’t until December 15th. I could do that, no problem, right? Umm…

Life happened. It was harder than I thought to get back in the work schedule with a baby, we moved at the end of November, and we travelled to Tennessee for Thanksgiving. I think by the time December 15th rolled around I had ran a total of 9 times and was no where near being able to run a 5k straight.

Since the Reindeer Romp was a run/walk I went ahead with it. Liz joined me the morning of the race and we did run/walk intervals. Honestly, there were a couple of times where I wanted to stop and refuse to run any further. I hung with it though (thanks to Lizbeth) and even ran the last little bit across the finish line. My time was a very slow 47:30; but I finished!

I recently signed up for two more 5ks. One in Knoxville in April and one at the Biltmore (!) Estate in May. Liz and my schedules are finally matching up more so we’re able to run together more and it helps so much! I’ve forgone the Couch to 5k method and am now on the Liz Dawkins training plan. It helps so much to have an accountability partner with my running!

First race bib!

Liz and me after the race!

Sweet medal


Couch to 5k!

So I’m doing this. I started on October 14th and things are going…well. Basically the program starts you out really really slow and you work your way up. If you want to check it out just google it! Here’s what’s happening:

  • A rough beginning… I have never been a runner. I’ve tried many times and failed. Give me an elliptical and I’ll go all day but running? No way… I did my first workout with Liz while pushing Clay in the stroller…I didn’t think I was going to make it but I did! It definitely helped to have Liz there encouraging me!

  • I’m ahead…with a little help! Somehow I’ve gotten ahead! I’m actually at the end of week 2 but I started my week 3 workouts today! The kids I nanny for want to run so I’ve been doing my workouts with them! We did two this week! Also, Liz has ran with me a couple times and Clay is always up for being pushed in the jogging stroller.
  • I picked my first race! The Reindeer Romp on December 15th. My goal was to pick a 5k to do in January/February but I should be done with the training program the week before so I thought it would be perfect! Plus…I can decorate the stroller. And dress in crazy Christmas running gear. Check!

Well, that’s all I have time for now but hopefully I’ll update you all weekly on my progress!