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Thankful Thursday

Continuing with my theme of being thankful for people this month, I am thankful for my Pappaw! His birthday is today so how perfect is that?

I should have been more prepared with this post since I’ve had it planned for weeks, but I’m not. For now I will leave you with a few awesome photos and hopefully post more later!

My awesome Pappaw!

My grandparents on their farm.

Clay and Clay!

Since my grandfather’s birthday was today I dressed Clay like him!

Who are you thankful for today?



Thankful Thursday

Since today is Valentine’s Day, the object of my thankfulness is… My little man, Clay Lucas!

I’m always hesitant to stay that Clay Lucas was an accident. Because although he wasn’t a part of the plan I had for my life, he was definitely part of the plan that God had for my life. I have always known that I wanted to have kids someday, always felt like that was my calling in life- to be a mother. But in no way was I thinking about having one when I got pregnant. I was single, I had just started working for a family a few months before that I loved, I had no family in Charlotte. How would things work? I completely put all my faith in God. I had NO clue how everything was going to work. How could I handle a baby and a full time job? Would I still have a job?

One of Clay’s newborn portraits

and here we are… Clay is almost six months old and I couldn’t imagine my life any differently. I’m still working for the same (very supportive) family, Clay’s dad sees him every day and helps out, my friends are great, and I have found an awesome daycare for Clay.


This little man is the light of my life. On a daily basis he makes me laugh and cry and love so much that it hurts. In lieu of me blabbing more I will leave you with some photos of Clay that are my recent favorites!

First Valentine’s Day!



Such a personality already!




Thankful Thursday

Since February is the month of L-O-V-E, I have decided to focus on people for my Thankful Thursday posts and I thought since her birthday was this past Sunday I would be thankful for…


My mom holding me, oops, I mean Clay. (Side note, he looks exactly like me when I was a baby in this picture. In real life he looks exactly like his daddy.)

Although my mom and I have had our share of arguments, she has always been there for me no matter what! Like seriously, no matter what. I got a stomach virus a couple of Christmases ago and even though I was 26 my mom still took care of me. When I was in the hospital after I had Clay she stayed the night with me and even stayed up with Clay when I was so tired but scared to go to sleep. (Seriously, moms, was any body else on the crazy train after giving birth?)

My crazy family: my mom, Clay, my sister Sarah, and me.

I had this elaborate post planned in my head but when it came time to put the words down they escaped me so I will leave with this:

Even though it may not have always seemed like it, I am very thankful for all you’ve done and all you do, momma! Clay is so lucky to have an awesome Mammaw like you!



Thankful Thursday

Okay, I’m going to try this again…

Today I am thankful for…Lizbeth! Or as most of you know her, Liz. If you don’t know her, go check out her blog!

I met Liz my sophomore year in college while working on the new student orientation committee. Or wait, maybe we met in a class, Philosophy of Coaching? Clearly I am getting old. Anywho, it wasn’t until our senior year that we really became friends.

Senior year

The DAY after we graduated from college, Liz and I set off with a group from college to Kenya for a mission trip. It was the experience of a lifetime and I’m so glad I got to experience it with Liz!

In Kenya

After graduated, Liz moved back to Roanoke and I stayed in Bristol. The next year Liz had moved to Charlotte and I back to Strawberry Plains. Unlike most long distance friendships, Liz and I still talked a ton! I visited her in Charlotte a couple of times and fell in love with the city!

First trip to Charlotte!

After Liz’s wedding in July 2010, I decided to take the plunge and in October of that year I moved to Charlotte!

With the beautiful bride!

Anyway, back to why I’m thankful for Liz! She’s an awesome running buddy, motivator, and she never skips a beat when I send her some ridiculous text! I’m so thankful to have a friend to chat with throughout the workday or I would go crazy! Liz is also the only friend I know who will have an Olympic party with me…

Very pregnant me with Liz and our Olympic goodies 🙂

I’m a big believer in everything happening for a reason. If I had never became friends with Liz, I never would have moved to Charlotte, and I never would have had this amazing creature…

(Had to sneak him in somehow)

So, this wasn’t very well written, but it’s so full of photos that I think it makes up for it!

Who are you thankful for in your life?


Thankful Thursday

Beginning today I am going to start a weekly post called Thankful Thursday. I am completely copying this idea from Liz but I’m sure she’s okay with that!

If you know me you know how big I am on appreciating the small things in life. It’s the little every day things that can sometimes make all the difference in the world. Little things like getting a card in the mail can brighten a bad day. A cup of your favorite tea can calm you down if you’re worked up. A garlic press makes cooking Italian WAY easier. I could go on and on but I won’t. Instead I will leave you with a list of my favorite little things that I’m thankful for:

-lip balm and hair ties
-cup holders in my car
-my weekly letter from my Mammaw
-text messaging
-salted caramel brownies

Question: What little things are you thankful for?