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It’s Fridayyyyy

Five things that are making me very happy this week:

I joined this fantasy football league and there are still spaces open so get your hiney over there and sign up! Stat!
On Monday I was just having one of those days. The remedy? Splitting a cupcake with my little man on the kitchen floor. I know. I'm an awesome mom.
I've been celebrating the 28 days of Clay on my Instagram and it has been so hard to choose my favorites!
I'm opening an Instagram shop to sell Clay's old clothes! I debated on eBay vs Instagram and honestly what won me over (besides how much easier it is) was the community! Moms helping other moms out wins. (Shop here)
So what if I get a little bored in traffic?
Well, young bucks, it's off to dream land for me. I hope you've enjoyed this nice serving of randomness.
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Five things I’m loooving about this week…

1. My cousin sent me this link for crocheted baskets earlier this week and now I'm obsessed with making them. I will definitely be getting some twine at Michael's this weekend to try out more!
2. The kids were off from camp this week so we finally got to make our tie dye shirts!
3. Yes, I watched this. And got really excited when Prince William loaded up the babes himself then drove them away. It takes me back to those days when I was slightly in love with him.
4. Amy helped me get started on the koozies for Clay's party. 1/3 of the way done with 23 koozies. Yikes!
5. I made the kids brownies on Monday. I had to hide them from myself the kids. I think I ate enough “slivers” to equal about 5 brownies.

And since you've all been so good this week, here's a treat for you:
Ahh! He's too much. Really.
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H54F. A day late.

It's perfectly acceptable to post for High Five for Friday a day late after taking 10 days off from blogging, right? Right.

So here we gooooooo:

1. My wonderful friend Liz is letting me make her gender reveal cupcakes at the end of this month. I am SO excited. Except for the whole keeping it a secret from Wednesday until Saturday thing. Clay really wants it to be a girl (or I just want a chance to buy little girl dresses).

2. I officially (I've had the theme picked out since January) started the first birthday party planning. Here's a little sneak peek at the party favors:
3. On Wednesdays I coach soccer at a developmental daycare. I just love working with these kids so much. Sometimes it can be a little nerve wracking but when I saw a girl with Down Syndrome finally get up this week and start kicking the soccer ball after four weeks of watching and refusing to play it made it all worth it.
4. Clay and I take selfies on my phone quite a bit and I'm kinda okay with that.
5. Hi, my name is Jessica and I am addicted to Netflix. No, seriously, it's bad. I have it on while I'm working and most of the time after Clay goes to bed at night (what else am I supposed to do while I'm washing a million bottles and folding laundry??). Recent favorites that you should probably check out: White Collar, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Arrested Development, and Damages.
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High Five For Friday!

This week has been amazing. I have had a shortened work week that I had originally planned to take advantage of and be super productive. Instead, I used it to rest (gasp) and read and take bubble baths. Here are my five favorite things (that I had pictures of) from this week:

1. This book is hilarious. If you haven't read it or watched The Mindy Project, I highly recommend you do so! Now!

2. I made skinny veggie lasagna from my most favorite food blog, Pinch of Yum, which I also highly recommend.

3. This is the summer wardrobe of a mom/runner/nanny/coach. I don't remember what it feels like to wear pants with a button. Or a real bra.

4. One of my favorite DIYs that I've completed! I got the idea from here but changed it just a little.

5. I got to go hang out with my awesome friend Brian (Clay's Fun Uncle Brian, because just Uncle Brian wasn't enough) and his coworker Morgan at the Whitewater Center and enjoy a baby free night last Saturday!

And now it's time for High Five for Friday: Clay Edition!


Ahh. It's just too much. He's too cute. And rotten. Hehe.

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Rain + treadmill runs= a really long week. However, besides those two things it was a pretty awesome week. Here are a few of my favorite things from this week:


1. I got this shirt for Christmas and completely forgot I owned it until this past Wednesday. Plus, it looks awesome with my green maternity shorts. Yes, maternity shorts. Don’t hate. I can fit in my regular shorts again but these are green AND comfy.

2. Am I the only person who likes wearing men’s deodorant. Besides the fact that women’s deo doesn’t really help at all on me, this stuff smells like am sexy man.

Am I getting too real with you on the blog today? Err, sorry.

3. I took the kids to tcby on the last day of school. YUM.

4. Harris Teeter now has a cheese aging cave. I find this extremely funny.

5. Picnic at Freedom Park with the kiddos on Tuesday. It was a perfect picnic day! Since then we’ve had 3 days of yuckiness so I’m very thankful we got to go enjoy the weather!

And here are my five favorite pictures of Clay from this week:

He loves sitting in the chair in my room that belonged to my great grandmother so that’s where we’ve been doing a lot of picture taking lately.

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Have a great weekend!


High Five for Friday


1. I got to run on my favorite greenway twice this week!
2. Monopoly with the kiddos. This hasn’t happened in awhile and we had so much fun!
3. Luella’s BBQ in Asheville. Amazing. I absolutely LOVE barbecue and was so bummed when I found out Charlotte is seriously lacking as far as legit barbecue goes.
4. Hubee D’s. The kids were off from school so we walked to the restaurant to level off all of the delicious chicken.
5. Clay was such a trooper waiting for our 5k to start on Sunday. It drizzled most of the morning but no complaints from this little one!

Aaaaand, time for High Five (+1) for Friday: Clay edition!


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High Five for Friday!

Today I’m linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!

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1. Gift certificate to the salon for Mother’s Day. Score!

2. A big bowl of popcorn and the Grey’s and Scandal finales!

3. I’m attempting to braid and I’m finally getting there!

4. I wore this super cute outfit yesterday and this was the best picture I got of it!

5. Taco salad might be one of my most favorite meals. Ever.

Aaaaaaand…it’s time for the Clay edition!