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Fall into the GAP

For Clay's birthday back in August, I asked for clothes for him and he definitely racked up on some pretty sweet pieces from GAP and now that it's actually fall in North Carolina, he can wear them! I already shared one outfit here but I wanted to share my other favorites today.

I'm obsessed with those jeans. They are the softest jeans I've ever felt AND they have the adjustable waistband on the inside which is perfect for my tall skinny toddler!
GAP pjs are definitely our favorites! Aunt Amy got Clay two pair and I love that they don't ride up at night.

That raincoat? I die. Everytime he wears it.

Maybe I'm a little biased, but he's definitely the best dressed kid at daycare! I'm just trying to soak up this time while I can because I know there will come a day when he starts picking out his own clothes. 😦

GAP is definitely my number two store for finding Clay's clothes (because you just can't beat Target)!

What's your go-to store for kids clothes?



Model Baby

This post is going to be a little picture heavy so maybe I'll pretend for five seconds to be sorry about that then we can just move on…

Clay baby racked up on clothes for his birthday…most likely because that's what I requested and dropped hints about for months leading up to the big day. When I opened this outfit from Rachel and family, I almost died from the adorableness! Luckily we had a photo shoot planned for two days later and Aunt Amy had just given him the jeans a few days before!

Clay definitely had the nerdy jock thing going on! The bonus: we got to take the photos at the high school where my dad played football!

“Dude, don't eat the wood chips!” -Eli

Ahh! I die! Everytime!

You can find the sweater here, the button up here, and the jeans here. All from GAP.

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Come back tomorrow to read my letter to Clay when he's older!


The countdown has started…

6 days until Clay's first first birthday party.

9 days until Clay's first birthday & first trip to the zoo.

11 days until Clay's 12 month checkup & Tennessee.

12 days until Clay's second first birthday party.

Phew. That makes me tired just typing that. We are going to be busy the next couple of weeks! There's lots going on around here so let's just get to it:

Party update:

I haven't gotten nearly as much done as I wanted to but at this point everything is planned, the work just has to be done.

I finished the invitations:

I made them in the Beautiful Mess app then just texted them to everyone.

The decorations are coming…

I'm almost done with the footballs for the monthly picture banner and the cans to hold utensils. After those two things are done, the rest should be fairly simple: putting pictures in frame, putting some footballs and “Clay's first birthday” on the backdrop.

Oh, you know, except the koozies. Because I have to make 20. And they're only half done. Erk.

Six. Days.

Weaning. Sleeping. Climbing.

The weaning is…well, not happening. I wanted to just do cold turkey but he's still in the infant classroom and I'm afraid that seeing the younger babies with their bottles will completely mess up the process. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the signs I was talking about a few weeks ago say that the 22nd and 26th of this month are the best days for weaning. So maybe?

The sleeping is…not happening consistently. Yuck.

The climbing is…happening on everything. He's wearing me out…we've definitely entered toddler life.

However, he is possibly the happiest baby I've ever met (I promise I'm not just saying that) and he eats SO well. Like to the point where I'm so confused about why he is still able to fit in 0-3 month onesies…

28 Days of Clay

To celebrate Clay's birthday I've been choosing my 28 favorite pictures of Clay and sharing one each day. Here's what I've got so far:

So there we have it. Now you're caught up on all things Clay 🙂

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One year pictures

Hey, guys! I just wanted to stop in real quick to share Clay's one year pictures and to give you a sneak peek at his smash cake pictures. It was a crazy weekend! I worked on my instashop (here), finished up my mini sessions for this soccer shots season, worked on birthday decor, and managed to have a girls night with one of my bests on Saturday. Phew.

I took these on Sunday at Grandma's. i had planned to wait til closer to his birthday but i wanted to display them at his party! So here they are:

He does NOT like flowers.

I wonder what this tastes like...

Oh, the faces.

Hopefully I'll share his smash cake pictures soon! Out of 98 I ended up liking over 50 so it may take awhile for me to decide! Until I share here is a sneak peek:

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It’s Fridayyyyy

Five things that are making me very happy this week:

I joined this fantasy football league and there are still spaces open so get your hiney over there and sign up! Stat!
On Monday I was just having one of those days. The remedy? Splitting a cupcake with my little man on the kitchen floor. I know. I'm an awesome mom.
I've been celebrating the 28 days of Clay on my Instagram and it has been so hard to choose my favorites!
I'm opening an Instagram shop to sell Clay's old clothes! I debated on eBay vs Instagram and honestly what won me over (besides how much easier it is) was the community! Moms helping other moms out wins. (Shop here)
So what if I get a little bored in traffic?
Well, young bucks, it's off to dream land for me. I hope you've enjoyed this nice serving of randomness.
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Dear future girlfriend,

Welcome to a new edition of

If you're new around here, every so often I take a post to share all of Clay's bloopers and funny pictures from my phone and camera in a post called Dear Future Girlfriend. You better bet I'll be pulling these out to show a girlfriend one day and hopefully Clay won't hate me too much for these when he's older. 😉