…I kinda like love these Maybe posts because I get to confess things without really confessing them. That works, right? Just lie to me.

…I actually picked Clay up out of his crib last night just to rock him for 15 minutes. This week and next week are crazy work wise. I have back-to-back 45 hour weeks and while my job isn't strenuous and I'm so thankful for it, that means 45+ hours away from Clay and that's just not cool.

…I haven't fully completed one Christmas present. Three are 98% done though so I don't feel too bad.

…I made a huge batch of whole wheat dark chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes on Sunday with the full intention of freezing some for us and for Liz. This was the container this morning…

…I think there's an age limit for shopping at Hollister and American Eagle. Just throwing that out there.

…even if I'm exhausted at the end of the day, I go in the living room and enjoy our Christmas tree for a little bit. We do only have a limited amount of time together after all. Also, I kind of want to write a post about my favorites of our ornaments.

…I'm out of time so I have to go but come back tomorrow for Part 2 of The Story of Us! Part One here if you missed it!



3 thoughts on “Maybe…

  1. Kelli

    I totally agree with the age limit at Hollister and American Eagle, you can also add Abercrombie and Areopastle. I still don’t know where to shop for clothes that are “me”, I think I’m between the show my booty all over town phase and cover that wrinkled thing up age.

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