5 things to love about winter.

My feelings about winter can pretty much be summed up by saying this:

Cold toilet seats. Getting out of the shower. Dry hands that crack and bleed. Wet, cold snow.

I hate it all.

In an attempt to be a little less bah humbug about winter, I bring you

Maybe I'm a little obsessed with the Rhonna Designs app. And yes, I know the words are completely off center.

1. Blankets. Everywhere. I do love a good blanket and in the winter I get to use them alllll the time.
2. Hot tea and coffee. All day long. Needing to warm up is the perfect excuse for my fourth cup of tea.
3. The holidays. Namely Christmas. I get to go all out decorating for Christmas and no one can say anything like they do when I put out my St. Patty's day wreath. Plus, I kind of love seeing people open the gifts I get them.
4. Slippers, sweats, and sweets. The three S's. The first two happen quite a bit during the winter and because of that, I don't feel so bad when A LOT of the last one happens.
5. Football. Lots and lots of football. Sadly, it will leave us at the beginning of February and we'll be forced to spend the rest of the winter alone. Sigh. Until then, Clay and I have a nice Sunday routine of watching football and napping on the couch.
And that is all. As soon as Christmas is over, spring better get it's behind back here. STAT.
Are you a lover of winter? If so, can you explain the appeal to me?

Special thanks to Kelli from She Crab Soup for inspiring today's post.



5 thoughts on “5 things to love about winter.

  1. Kelli

    Amen! You know what’s great about Christmas now, I LOVE playing Santa. How much fun is it!?!

    As you know I also love Football, I always feel a little empty void on Sunday’s when it’s not on anymore.

  2. Liz

    Love the list!

    Can I please remind you that the Winter Olympics begins the weekend after Football ends… so you’ll be able to fill the void for a few more weeks!

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  4. Desiree

    I’m right there with you – I HATE winter! However, I was ITCHING to bust out my sweat pants in October, and couldn’t wait until it was cool enough to use our thick, cozy blankets at night. Now, if only winter could wrap up in a couple weeks. 🙂


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