Well, we made it through another trip to Tennesseee (I make that sound like it's difficult to visit my family, but have you traveled with a toddler?).

Anyway, I'm fortunate enough that we don't have to split Thanksgivings between Charlotte and Tennessee, so we loaded up and hit the road early Thursday morning with just enough time to change before my family ate at one. We get to my mom' sat 12:30. She informs us everyone already started eating.

What? If you tell me you're eating at one, then eat at one!

In my family's defense, we do a very laid back Thanksgiving. My cousin wore basketball shorts so he could eat more…

But still…

Oh, and did I mention that Clay was kind enough to pass along his fever virus? So in addition to all the madness, I felt like straight up poo.

Never fear though! I got to spend the rest of the day watching football, eating, and decorating my grandparents' house for Christmas (our yearly tradition).

Friday and Saturday were a big blur of shopping, eating, loving, sleeping in (thanks, mom!), and finally starting to make Christmas presents (remember, I'm making all of them except two).

Then yesterday we had to come home. Coming home is always a little bittersweet. I'm sad to leave my family but I love being in my own home, sleeping in my own bed.

Then this happened:

I shared this on Instagram last night, but for those of you who are lame (jk.sorta) and don't follow me on IG, I started a new tradition with our Christmas tree. In years past, I've had very girly, very coordinated Christmas tree decorations but after last year, I just decided that wasn't going to cut it since I have a little man in the house now. The new rule for our Christmas tree is that the ornaments have to be handmade or have to be ones that were given to us. Then every year I can share with Clay all the memories our tree holds!

Yes, I made a paper chain for my tree. My mom had some scrapbook paper in the perfect Christmas colors. I'm in love.

Off I go to fill my ears with the beautiful Christmas music from NSYNC.

Try not to be too jealous.



3 thoughts on “Phew.

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  2. Desiree

    I LOVE your tree! Almost every single ornament on our tree holds some sort of meaning. It’s so much fun to hang each one and reminisce on where it came from/who made it/etc.


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