15 months

Yikes! I just realized that I forgot to do a 14 month update on Clay so we will just skip ahead to 15 months which is this Thursday.

I know I've said this before and I am a little biased, but Clay is an exceptionally happy and social kid (most of the time). Like sometimes I'm confused because Mike and I definitely aren't extremely happy (read: peppy) or social people… And some how I gave birth to a morning person. Gasp. Haha.

Since Clay's last update we have an official diagnosis of toddler asthma and if things don't improve in two months the doctor wants to run tests, including one for cystic fibrosis. For now I'm just going to pray like crazy that it is just toddler asthma.

We've also found Clay a new daycare. We went for a visit last Friday and fell in love! As of now he'll be starting there after Christmas break. Yayyyyy!


Clay's favorite toys are… His rocket ship that he pushes around instead of riding, his huge stuffed dog Oppie, and the big Legos.

Clay's favorite foods are bananas and pasta. The kid eats everything though.

Clay's clothing size is… 12-18 months but he's wearing a few 24 months.

Clay's newest “tricks” are barking, walking, trying to run, playing peekaboo, testing my patience (haha, but really), giving high fives, and opening doors to closets.

Clay weight and height are: 25ish and 31ish? Does that sound right? Haha. We go for a checkup next week.

Clay's vocabulary consists of: everything. He basically tries to repeat everything you say. The most common things out of his mouth are: all done, what's that, outside, and dada (of course).

Clay loves music and dancing, talking on the phone, facetiming, watching football, reading, giving hugs and kisses, being in public, smiling, and getting into mischief.

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