Remind me next time I run a half to just take the entire next week off from life. My feet are still killing me (you know, maybe because I didn't train at all). Anywho, here are my favorite things from the past week:

Obviously, my favorite thing from this past week was that I actually finished the half. There was walking involved, but I still finished! Race recap next week!
This is from Clay's Thanksgiving lunch at daycare…the faces are from the ridiculousness going on at daycare. Never fear though, we're going to visit a new center in the morning that dada has already vetted.
On Monday Clay and I got to go out to eat with Amy. As usual, Clay was crazy. In a mostly well-behaved fun way. Anyway, it was my first trip to Firebirds since the night before I had Clay and it was delicious! Half priced wine, a filet, and salted caramel brownies. Oh, gosh. I'm drooling.
Wednesday mornings have become like a Sunday midweek for us lately…except this past Wednesday. Clay had several leaks of the #1 and #2 variety. It was a mad house here but that's our life and he gets so excited to take a bath that it was like a treat for him.
I love the conversations that I have with my cousin Rachel. Yes, Clay does get it honest because we are a little crazy. Isn't life more fun that way though?
Happy weekend!!
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3 thoughts on “TGIF…finally

  1. Desiree

    Was this the longest week ever, or was that just me?
    I can’t wait to hear how the half went!! YAY!!! I need to find another one to run. My miles are suh-lack-ing!
    Um, salted caramel brownies? Please excuse me while I go wipe the drool off my keyboard.
    Happy Weekend!


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