Dear Clay,

Dear Clay Lucas,

I know when I write these letters I'm usually a big ole sap but today I wanted to share some practical advice with you:

  • Express is the only place you'll find jeans to fit your small waist and long legs. Trust me.
  • Hold doors open for people whenever you can (especially the ladies and elderly and kids- ok, everybody).
  • Always say your pleases and thank yous. Always.
  • Go to your dad right now (if you haven't already), and let him teach you to cook. Especially his dirty quesadillas. Don't be the guy who eats Ramen til he gets married.
  • Always help your friends when they need help moving. You never know when you'll be the one needing help.
  • When you get married, dust the baseboards for your wife. It will rock her world.
  • Make sure you wash your hands at least three times after using Vick's (especially before using the bathroom).

And don't ever forget, I love you so so so much, pumpkin butt!



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