…I forgot to title my post yesterday so it just says “untitled.” It's gonna stay that way.

…I'm glad I work late tomorrow. Clay is adjusting to his new class at daycare so he just comes home and cries for an hour before bed. I hate missing bedtime but this just makes me sad and I could really do without witnessing it tomorrow.

…I watch Scandal twice every week. I'm not super obsessed (yeah, right) but I feel like it's one of those shows where you always miss something the first go round.

…I kinda like being in bed by ten with my cup of Sleepytime tea and a book. Nerd grandma alert.

…I have new friends hanging out over there on the side. Go check out the “florkens!” We were paired up for the Bigs & Littles Blogging Network and you'll be hearing more about them around here for sure!

…I really stink at the whole flirting/dating thing. And reading signals? Forget about it. Then you add a toddler into the mix? Ehh, at least I don't have to worry about being a bed hog?

…I have at least five unfinished projects lying around and I still go to Pinterest everyday looking for more. Stop me.

…I've gotten Clay three different costumes. In my defense, they were all under $10 each and he should be able to wear a couple of them next year. Just wait til you see what the winner is!

…there's not a single picture in this post so you should just hightail it over to my Instagram for your Daily Clay!



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