It’s Friday already????

First off, please forgive me. This is my first time posting from my phone in awhile so I’m not really sure what you’re gonna get!

This week has been a little crazy because we went to Tennessee mid week and I’m co-hosting a baby shower this weekend with Amy for Liz, but this has definitely been a fun week!


On Monday the kids were out of school so we ate at Chipolte and saw the new Percy Jackson movie. I just hated that all so much… yeah, right!


On Wednesday morning I got to wake up and drink my coffee and look at blogs…in a snuggie. After my mom made breakfast and fed Clay. Best morning ever.


Clay got his first haircut! My Pappaw used to cut his buddies’ hair when he was in the Army and still cuts my aunt’s hair so we let him do the honors. I almost cried. I’m gonna miss that baby mullet.


My brother finally got to go home from the hospital! He ended up receiving 14 units of blood while he was in the hospital (he has hemophilia for my new readers). Which brings me to a little PSA: if you are able to donate blood, please go and do it!


There isn’t much that beats driving through the mountains in the fall. On the way home we stopped at an apple orchard and I’ve decided that when if I ever get married it will be in October, in the mountains and preferably at an apple orchard. I mean, how fun would it be to have everybody pick apples at the reception as the favors????

All the other pictures I’m loving this week:



More posts on these pictures coming soon!

Love, Jess

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One thought on “It’s Friday already????

  1. Trish

    Thanks for the reminder about giving blood! I used to donate pretty regularly but then I got pregnant and got out of the habit. It’s such an easy way to help. Plus they give you snacks afterward 😉


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