Blogs I Love: Part 2

see part one here.

Happy Sunday! If you're looking for some awesome blogs to follow, go check out these gals!

…for Lauren and Lauren

Katie shows off outfits that I would actually wear and most of the time she got them for a crazzzzy good steal and it makes me wish I had the patience for the Target clearance racks. She also just had an adorable little girl so the cuteness level at for Lauren and Lauren is off the charts!

Crazy Tragic {Almost} Magic

I started following Michael when I joined her fantasy football league and quickly regretted not following her sooner! She's one of those bloggers that either makes me laugh or nod in agreement at almost every post!

not your dirty underwear

Amanda's blogs was one of the very first that I started following. She also posts outfits I would actually wear and she has a cute dog! So maybe I'm obsessed with blogs involving babies and dogs, sue me.

Karly Kim: Good Enough to Read

Karly's posts are mostly pee my pants funny. Just go take a gander at her Karly's Keywords page. You won't regret it. Promise.

Modern Camelot

I feel like a broken record today. Sigh. Kelly posts cute outfits that I've always wanted to wear but they would look absolutely ridiculous on me! She also has the cutest little girl who is definitely the trendiest tot around!

Go on, check them out. You know you want to do it…



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