It’s Friday, y’all!

I know, I know. I've been a little MIA this week. All the better reason that you should be following me on Instagram where you can get your fill of Clay, my recent craft obsession, and yummy food.

On we go towards my favorite pictures from this week:

My aunt likes to post (mostly embarrassing) throwback pictures every so often that usually make me cringe. This time she came through though and posted this picture saying that it reminded her of Clay. Yup. And also, I still make that same face in 59% of the pictures I take. Life's too short to smile normally in pictures.
I got my Falling into Fall swap box in the mail on Monday from the wonderful Libby. This lady knows the way to my heart- a fall candle. I'll have a whole box reveal up next week with the rest of my goodies!
Usually around lunchtime I go visit Clay and we snuggle and take selfies. It's usually one of the best moments of my day. However, since he'll be moving up to the toddler room (where visiting everyday isn't encouraged) at the beginning of November, I'll have to stop this ritual soon 😦
I finally got around to doing one of the projects I wanted to do when Clay turned one. I originally saw this on Pinterest awhile ago here. Then when I was redecorating my dining room I realized I had the perfect frame ($3 on clearance at Michael's!) for the project and it would look great on my collage wall. Every year I'll trace his handprint and put it behind the previous ones and change out the picture.
Clay had to go to the pediatrician on Wednesday for a recheck of: weight, breathing, and ears. The good news: he gained 3 pounds in a month (!) and his ears were clear so we're tabling the tube conversation for now. The bad news: Clay still has some wheezing even with the daily treatments so we will be visiting an asthma/allergy specialist soon.


That's all for now! Happppppy weekend!

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