13 Months!

So this one time I completely forgot about doing a Clay monthly update. You know, the biggest one, 12 months! Uh, oh… So here's the 13 month edition, on time!

Whatever, Clay. You so aren't shy.

Clay has definitely turned into a little toddler. I get a little weepy over it sometimes but I am really excited to see his personality develop and I kinda can't wait til he starts saying funny things that I can blog about.

First backpack, I die!


Clay's favorite toys are… still probably his lovies overall…and he got two new friends for his birthday so it's become quite the party crib.

Clay's diaper size is a size 3 (still…)

Clay's favorite foods are Earth Balance vegan cheese puffs. I kid you not. I bought them to try for a healthy snack and Clay grabbed the bag from me and just started eating like a typical man… We haven't really met a food he does like and he's constantly eating seconds and thirds. A typical weekend breakfast consists of 2 eggs, toast, and a banana. And he's borderline underweight, I do not understand how.

Clay's clothing size is… 12-18 months. He can still fit in smaller clothes but I wanted to clean out his closet for his new clothes so I got rid (read: there are bags still setting in my living room) of a ton.

Clay's newest “tricks” are blowing and catching kisses, dancing, meowing (thanks, grandma), high fives, climbing into kitchen drawers, turning off light switches, and standing on his own.

Clay weight and height are: err. No clue.

Clay's vocabulary consists of: dada, hi there, hi kitty, August, Amy, and guh (short for Guinny, the fish), mama, all done, tree, Andi (aunt), nana (he doesn't have a nana, so maybe banana?), bye bye, fishy, and lots more that he's only said once or twice. He's really good at imitating words you say. Uh, oh…

Clay loves talking, playing with his toys, being a social butterfly, being outside, dancing, flirting, eating, giving hugs, and going to Target.

I buckled him in and he proceeded to turn around and ride like this the entire time.

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3 thoughts on “13 Months!

  1. Kelli

    Gosh I remember the 13 month stage but it seems so long ago, I still say that by the time she was 2 my baby girl was so much more fun than she was at any other age. I was in love with her conversations and ability to interact with me more. She’ll be 4 in November but I still think we are in the fun stage, I hope the fun stage lasts forever!

  2. Krystal

    Awww LOVE the Target picture. It’s our favorite place. 🙂 Wow – what a breakfast! My kiddo barely eats cheerios on the weekends! He is ready to play, play, play!


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