…I took yesterday off from life for a few hours. I worked 26 hours in two days and my brother is in the hospital and I just needed a break. It was amazing.

…I'll start wearing real clothes once the fall weather comes. For now though, with this 80 degree weather, you'll be finding me in running shorts and a men's white tee (best purchase I've ever made- how do they make those shirts so soft???).

…the only way I get a shower in the morning is because of this ExerSaucer and a bribe of Cheerios.

…it takes me an average of five takes to get the picture I want. Do I go back and delete the bad ones? Uhh, maybe when my phone starts acting up and tells me I'm low on storage. It's not like there are 4,000+ pictures on my phone or anything…

…I have my first friend on my sidebar! Go check out Kelli at She Crab Soup! One of my favorite posts of her's is this one where she gives you ideas on what to do when the football game gets boring (besides obsessively checking your fantasy score like I do).

…Clay got this look from me. Maybe he got it from his dad. Either way this kid LUCKED out because he inherited some awesome looks from both of us.

…I've become a day of, afternoon blogger. Because, why not?

…I broke my own rule and put my Halloween decorations out before October 1st.

…I really like this list style of blogging. I shall do it more often.



2 thoughts on “Maybe…

  1. Kelli

    I hope your brother gets better soon, I love men’s white v-neck shirts, showering gets much easier when they can walk although you’ll always have company in the bathroom, it’s me!, that look could be dangerous, and I love list posts too, they are so much easier to write sometimes.

  2. edawkins

    Maybe I like this list style too..
    Maybe you will see something similar on my blog within the next few days (and by maybe, I mean you will- because it’s already done!)..
    Maybe I miss taking a bazillion pictures with you like we did back in the day..


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