Training Thursday

As I've mentioned on here several times, I'm signed up to run my first half marathon in November. Now we're officially under the two month mark. How's training going, you ask? Well, I started on Monday. Yes, I know. Buuuut, I'm choosing to be positive about this situation. My only goal going into this was to finish so I'm sticking to it!

I haven't really ran since July. It's been a hot summer and the only time of the day I had to run was between 11-4. You know, the hottest time of day. So that just didnt happen. But now that it's cooling down, I'm back at it!

I decided to keep it easy on Monday just to test the waters…I probably could have ran further than a mile and now I'm kicking myself for not going further! However, I did run the entire mile without stopping!

When I was running I remembered how good it felt to run! I only wish my running buddy Liz wasn't all preggers and stuff (jk! I can't wait to meet Clay's BFF)! I do miss her so but I'm excited that my cousin Rachel is running the half too! She's gonna rock it- she's already on her fifth week of training!

Besides starting to run again, I started eating clean last month- well, for the most part! There have been a few slip ups but I can already tell I'm losing fat and I feel so much better! I really thought that eating clean was going to be hard but it's not. It just requires a bit of planning which I like doing anyway 🙂 Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing my favorite clean recipes!

That's all for now! Hopefully next week I'll have more training to report!



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