Model Baby

This post is going to be a little picture heavy so maybe I'll pretend for five seconds to be sorry about that then we can just move on…

Clay baby racked up on clothes for his birthday…most likely because that's what I requested and dropped hints about for months leading up to the big day. When I opened this outfit from Rachel and family, I almost died from the adorableness! Luckily we had a photo shoot planned for two days later and Aunt Amy had just given him the jeans a few days before!

Clay definitely had the nerdy jock thing going on! The bonus: we got to take the photos at the high school where my dad played football!

“Dude, don't eat the wood chips!” -Eli

Ahh! I die! Everytime!

You can find the sweater here, the button up here, and the jeans here. All from GAP.

Linking up with Trendy Tot Tuesday! Take some time to go check out all the adorable kiddos!


Come back tomorrow to read my letter to Clay when he's older!



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