We've had a crazy week- 2 trips to the doctor resulting in Clay being on five (!) different medications for the next few days. He has an ear infection, wheezing, and allergies. Poor little guy. With all the crazy came some happies though!

I'm officially in love with my lunchbox and accessories. The lunchbox came from Target ($3.88 on sale!) and I got it monogrammed at a local shop. The baggies and cup came from Hustle Mama's Etsy shop! Aren't they adorable?? Go check her out!
I finished my hoops for It's Just Emmy's adoption hoop swap fundraiser and I'm in love. I think I'll be making a set of these for my wall…
Gosh, I love him. This was during one of his rare well moments this week (and how cute is his shirt?).
My aunt got Clay this table set for his birthday from Ikea and he thinks he's such a big boy eating at it! We haven't used the high chair for anything other than breathing treatments for the past week. 🙂
I won my first Fantasy game!! Woop woop! And I'm on track to kick some booty this weekend too 🙂
Which reminds me…football is on, so why am I talking to you guys??

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One thought on “Insta-h54-Friday!

  1. Kelli

    It’s a big step to move out of a high chair, I’m getting ready to get rid of the mini chair and table and move my baby girl to the big table. They grow up so fast!


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