Training Tuesday: Fail.

Or as this post will now be called,

“Things I've done to procrastinate writing about how I haven't ran since the beginning of July and I'm running a half marathon in November.”

When I woke up this morning I had every intention of admitting that I hadn't started training but then glossing it over with the new meal plan I've started in preparation for the half. Then I decided I didn't like the pictures of the jar salads I had so I decided to wait. Then the following things just HAD to be done first…

I found most of the pictures for next Thursday's post.

I started to edit Clay's smash cake photos.

I checked Instagram 20+ times.

I emailed with a customer about a hat design.

There was a lot of staring into space.

I had to write down what I had eaten today. Again. You know, just to double check.

I thought about hoop designs for the hoop exchange going on at It's Just Emmy. (Which you should check out!! It's an adoption fundraiser for Blakely baby #3)

Caught up on all my blog reading.

Organized all the graphics I use for my blog.

And about a million other things.


In short, I haven't ran since the beginning of July but I have this super sweet training program that I'm going to start tomorrow. Promise.





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