SIX Awesome Things About This Week

I'm being a rule breaker. I just couldn't decide on five things…

I got my mug from the mug swap hosted by acuppakim!
Sweet Erin sent me this beautiful mug filled with (gasp) chocolate! Ahhhh! This woman knows how to speak my language! The best part? I don't even think that I mentioned that peanut butter cups are my favorites and she sent me this healthier version that I am SO excited to try! Oh, and the other best part? The weather in North Carolina politely cooled off for a few days so I can enjoy hot coffee in my new mug (I've been drinking iced all summer).
I got to introduce Clay (well, they met when Clay was way younger) to Bailey Boo. I've been dog sitting/babysitting/house sitting for this family for the past two years so Bail and I go way back. Here's what happened: dog licks baby, baby laughs, dog wants nothing to do with baby, baby cries because he wants to play with dog. The end.

Mike kept Clay last Saturday night so I got to spend some time with my Amy. Beer+food+the Whitewater Center= amazing!

I officially finished my first season of coaching for Soccer Shots. After a bumpy start with my mini's class, I had a blast and I can't wait until the fall season starts!

I went back to the climbing gym for the first time since I was 13 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately I didn't get to climb because Z&Z couldn't belay me BUT I remembered my knots and how to belay and passed a quick skills test!

I sold a hat from my IG shop!! The woman requested the colors in the top photo and I am loving it so much. I can't wait to show you the finished product!


Okay, that's all for now!

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