Midweek Confessions

Because I'm a winner (winner, chicken dinner) I am linking up with Midweek Confessions at E, Myself, and I for the very first time…a day late.

So maybe that's where I should start… I've had this post on my to-do list since Monday and I'm finally getting around to it. Why so late you ask? Welllll, besides being a world class procrastinator the follow things prevented me from writing this post: Scandal, birthday party crafts, Instagram shopping (the best idea ever!), and leftover cake (see below).
We took Clay's smash cake pictures on Sunday and afterward the cake looked like this:
And it may or may not be sitting in my kitchen counter still and I will NOT confirm or deny that I'm still eating it.
The other night I had an almost full run of dishes in the dishwasher and no clean bottles for the next day. Brilliant Jess over here thought, “instead of handwashing these I'll put them in the dishwasher and get up early tomorrow and fix Clay's bottles for daycare.” Brilliant Jess forgot to start the dishwasher but she also didn't realize she didn't start it until the next night. After Clay had used 4 of those bottles. In my defense I rinse everything with scalding hot water before it goes in the dishwasher so they weren't that dirty.
I was supposed to start training for my half marathon last Monday. I haven't. I actually haven't ran since the beginning of JULY. FAIL.
Shew. Well that is all the confessing I can do for one day.
Peace and hair grease.
(Umm, I don't know. Ignore that.)



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