One year pictures

Hey, guys! I just wanted to stop in real quick to share Clay's one year pictures and to give you a sneak peek at his smash cake pictures. It was a crazy weekend! I worked on my instashop (here), finished up my mini sessions for this soccer shots season, worked on birthday decor, and managed to have a girls night with one of my bests on Saturday. Phew.

I took these on Sunday at Grandma's. i had planned to wait til closer to his birthday but i wanted to display them at his party! So here they are:

He does NOT like flowers.

I wonder what this tastes like...

Oh, the faces.

Hopefully I'll share his smash cake pictures soon! Out of 98 I ended up liking over 50 so it may take awhile for me to decide! Until I share here is a sneak peek:

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One thought on “One year pictures

  1. Jen

    Umm, that picture with the flower is hilarious! And cake pictures are so fun! Glad you got some good ones! My daughter wasn’t into her cake AT ALL so there weren’t too many photo ops 🙂 And by the way, did you try cold turkey with the bottle and milk?


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