11 months

I can't believe that in under a month I will have a toddler. I am completely in denial and happy to stay there, thank you very much.

Anyway, I might be a little tiny bit obsessed with birthdays so during the month of August we're celebrating the 28 days of Clay! Each day I've been giving him a small present and posting one of my 28 favorite pictures of him on my Instagram here. I know. I'm crazy. I also made a wreath for our front door to put out each August:

Idea from here. Directions here.

As usual Clay's 11 month pictures got taken a week late but they were so much better than the 10 month ones so I'm not gonna complain.
And my two favorites…


Clay's favorite toys are his stuffed animals for the win! Although he does love playing with balls a lot too.

Maybe we should stop giving his stuffed animals such odd names...nah.

Clay's diaper size is a size 3.

Clay's favorite foods are peas (they make his world go round), black beans, eggs, strawberries. Well, really anything. Haha. He has been feeding himself now for a couple of months (except for yogurt, oatmeal, etc).

Clay's clothing size is…9-12 months. Although we are still sporting a couple of 3 month onesies and a handful of 6 month clothes.

Clay's newest “tricks” are climbing, waving at everything (hi there, ceiling fan), standing on his own, and throwing the ball.

Clay weight and height are: we didn't measure again this month but I'm gonna guess 20ish pounds and 30ish inches.

Clay's vocabulary consists of: dada, hi there, hi kitty, August (friend at daycare), Amy (aunt), and guh (short for Guinny, the fish). Sadly, we haven't said mama in a couple of months. I'm pretty sure he thinks dada and mama are interchangeable.

Clay loves talking on the phone, pushing an upside down basket around as a walker, laughing, greeting people who visit his daycare class (seriously, they've started calling him the Kindercare greeter), sleeping on people, and taking selfies.


I'm so glad I started doing these recaps on here because I might have forgotten to keep up with his scrapbook…

Is anybody else in denial about having a toddler?

Am I the only crazy mom?

HELP! Any tips for the bottle weaning process?

We attempted to start this past week and it was a fail. My grandmother keeps telling me I need to look at the farmer's almanac signs to see when the right day is to start.

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4 thoughts on “11 months

  1. Rachel

    ack! I am going through some of the same things- toddler denial, bottle weening etc! In fact, I have a post ready about what you call toddler denial! FOr the bottle, well we started feeding him more foods at “meal time” and then dropped one of his middle of the day bottles. We just kind of started skipping it and giving him snack instead. So we are done 1 bottle so far!

  2. Jen

    I wouldn’t recommend this per say unless you have too…but we ended up having to go cold turkey with PFB. She refused to drink milk out of a sippy cup. (The child has an iron will especially when it comes to food though) So we went cold turkey- nothing in the bottle and just milk in a sippy cup. It took her almost 2 weeks to break down and start drinking milk out of her sippy cup. Meaning yes, she hardly drank anything for a week. I remember calling the ped every few days being like “is this ok?!?” But she was still peeing so I guess she was getting enough water from foods.

    And PS I love your names. We are nowhere near that creative…


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