Somebody is almost one…

I can't believe Clay's first birthday has snuck up on me! I have a little over a month to get everything done. Eeeek! I picked out the theme (football!) in January but haven't done much since then except pin a few things on Pinterest.

Originally I was going to do a baby divided theme (Steelers and Cowboys) but then I happened upon this pin:


Ahh! So in love! So now his party is going to be a football tailgating party and I am so excited! I already started working on the koozies for favors this past weekend. They need a little work but I'm liking them.



I've also painted the cans (I knew I kept those formula cans for a reason…) to hold the utensils.


I'm planning to put 12 footballs on the banner and put Clay's monthly pictures on them and hang it behind the table. Other than that the only other decoration I'm doing is a photo booth backdrop.


We're going to keep the menu pretty simple:
  • Hot dogs
  • Wings
  • Chips & dip
  • Corn on the cob
  • Fruit
  • Cupcakes & cookies
Easy peasy. Hopefully.

There are a bunch of other details in the works that I'll keep you updated on as they get finalized!

Did any moms out there use evites? Thoughts?

The invitations I love on etsy aren't available anymore.

Did you plan a big bash for your little one's first or keep in simple?

We're just having Grandma (his only other family in Charlotte) and our close friends…probably around 15-20.

Thoughts on making an Amazon Wishlist?

I've had several people ask what I wanted Clay to have and thought this might be easier.

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5 thoughts on “Somebody is almost one…

  1. Poekitten

    My munchkin just turned 1 a week ago and we did a simple cook out. We had a Minnie Mouse theme with store bought decorations cause she LOVES Minnie Mouse. I usually enjoy crafty things but didn’t want to make anything. We had about 15 people and it was a great time!

    I love the football tailgating theme! I think it will be so cute:)

  2. Jen

    What a great idea!! My baby girl is turning two in a couple weeks and I’m doing nothing. I know…bad mommy. A lot of other life stuff going on. BUT we did do a big bash for the first birthday. I did postcard invitations. I took a picture and edited it on the computer and then ordered them through overnight prints- super cheap and it was my own design. The shipping does take awhile though so it might be too late for that. I didn’t really have a theme- just lots of pink sparkles and tissue paper balls 🙂 Very girly. You coozies look great. Thanks for linking up.

  3. Krystal

    Awww! Our kiddos must me similar in age. Ours is 1 on 8/27. The only thing I have know is some party supplies from Minted in a dinosaur theme (the perks of being a blogger!). We were going to do a cook out too. I used Red Stamp the last time I made invitations for a party and loved them. Simple and cute… I could even text them to people!

  4. Rachel

    What a cute idea! Carter turns one in August! We are doing a fish theme and having a cook out for the adults. Probably inviting around the same amount of people as you, or less. And yes we will probably use e-vites, it just helps me keep track of whose coming! I do like the idea of an amazon list, too, although a lot of people have already told us they got him something!

  5. Anne

    We make wish lists for the kids to keep it easy too…that way all the grandparents and aunts can get an idea on what to get and then we don’t get doubles of everything!

    And love that you keep your canisters. I am a canister/can hoarder (but I get rid of them all at Christmas time for packaging…so I guess that doesn’t QUITE make me a hoarder, right?)


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