We made it to 10 months!

Major mommy fail…

So Clay's 10 month pictures didn't get taken on the date (28th) because I forgot, and forgot again…and forgot again. I finally remembered to do them on the 2nd…right before bedtime. So we got some of this…

and this…
and this…
and my favorite…
Then I finally got this red eyed filled one…
It's a winner! We'll take it!


Clay's favorite toys are his drum, guitar, and piano. And he loves his stuffed animals!

Clay's diaper size is a size 3.

Clay's favorite foods are it depends on what day it is… but toast with jelly, eggs, and bananas are usually always winners.

Clay's clothing size is…oh, who knows? Haha. He can still fit in his 3 month onesies but we've got a few 12 month clothes in the rotation also. The other day I looked at his pants and they looked strangely like “manpris” so I checked the tag (his dad had dressed him) and he was sporting some 0-3 pants.

Clay's newest “tricks” are squealing, laughing hysterically at everything, trying to climb on everything, shaking his head “no.”

Clay weight and height are: we didn't measure this month but I'm gonna guess 19ish pounds and 30ish inches.

A look back:

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One thought on “We made it to 10 months!

  1. Jen

    Thanks for linking up to mommy mondays! And if it makes you feel better I don’t think I’ve taken ANY of my daughters “monthly shots” on her actual birthday. I ALWAYS forget… Better late than never 🙂


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