Five (of the many) reasons I love being a mom…

This is one of those posts I've been composing in my head all weekend long… and I'm just now typing it up. Err…


1. I finally have someone to laugh at all of my corny jokes.

(So maybe he wasn't actually laughing at me in this picture…)

(And maybe he doesn't actually understand my jokes and it's just me laughing that makes him laugh…)

2. I finally have someone to pass along my sweet dance moves to…

One day I'll get a video of Clay dancing in the cart at Trader Joe's. You will pass out from laughing. Promise.

3. I get to play dress up on Clay.

He only objects occasionally and baby clothes are SO much cheaper.

4. I feel like it's more acceptable to be in my pjs and in bed by 8:30.

This doesn't happen a whole lot but when it does it might be the most amazing thing ever.

5. I get to take a million pictures of Clay and then add funny captions.

(Disclaimer: when I say a million I might be exaggerating a little bit BUT my phone actually malfunctioned the other day because I had 3000+ pictures on it…)
And there you have it.
From this post I'm guessing you've realized that we spend A LOT of time laughing and taking pictures…and I love it!
On a side note, I will be moving over to blogger soon so my site URL will change; but never fear, my 15 followers, I will be keeping you up to date on all of the changes!
Today I'm linking up with the awesome moms at Mommy Mondays!

Mommy Mondays




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