Training Tuesday

My attempt with Training Tuesday is to keep you updated on my running! Sometimes it will be every week, sometimes once a month. I apologize for the rambling in this post, I’m still trying to format how I want this to go. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

…I’ve started doing the 8 minute videos (abs, buns, legs, and abs) in addition to running and I eventually want to pick up yoga once or twice a week. I’m also trying to be better about stretching and fueling for my runs.

I have a race coming up this Saturday (a 6k) then I don’t have another race until the half in November. I’m not sure if I’ll run any races between the two or just focus on training for the half. Thoughts?

So this Saturday…
…is the Brew Dash 6k. I’m excited about this race because a) it’s at the Whitewater Center and b) I’ll get a sweet t-shirt. I’m NOT excited about this race because a) I’ve only ran trails one other time and b) it will be my first time racing alone. No Lizbeth to pace me! She’s sitting this one out and watching my sweet baby while I race.

To prepare…
…my wonderful friend Troy (who ran his last 5k in under 19 minutes-woohoo) gave me this plan for this week:
Sunday: Run
Monday: Run
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Run
Thursday: Cycle or stretch
Friday: Rest and stretch

So we’ll see how that goes. Things get a little unpredictable when you throw a baby in the mix!

Wish me luck!

And so this post isn’t all just me blabbing…

20130610-182235.jpg (I have no clue where I found this photo-I downloaded it onto my phone a really long time ago.)



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