A Day in the Life

I’m so excited about this post! I first saw this done over at The Wandmaker’s Mother and since then I’ve seen several bloggers do a similar post (including my cousin). I thought it would be a fun thing for us to look back on and have in this moment decided that some of my posts will be “scrapbook pages” for Clay that I can put in his scrapbook.

I’m a genius (just let me have my moment, I’m sure I’m not the first person with this idea).

Anyway, I chose a Tuesday to do this so this is the weekday edition and at a later date I will do a weekend edition. Also, I’ve included what’s happening in Clay’s life and mine.


7:00 am Beep beep beep. My alarm goes off. Snooze.

7:05 am The alarm woke up Clay. I go get him and a bottle and we snuggle for a few minutes then I get ready while Clay watches Sesame Street in his ExerSaucer (the only reason I get a shower lately). I eat breakfast and make coffee.

We have our morning photo shoot so I can take pictures to send to my family for the day. (Ok, I’m not crazy. If they don’t get a picture every day I get a “where’s my picture” text. I’m so glad that they get to see him grow!)

Time to go! I figured out that I only have to make one trip if I put both lunch boxes and my drinks in one big bag. We have Patrick tagging along because Clay had a rough night.

8:30-8:55 Traffic. Yuck.

8:55-9:00 I drop Clay off at daycare. He goes straight into the high chair and starts eating breakfast with his friends. He’s one of the older kids so now meal time has become more social.



A morning full of errands for me at work! Did anybody else know that Harris Teeter had a cheese aging cave?? Hmm…

I stop by to visit Clay at lunchtime. This is Clay’s first time eating “school” lunch. A.k.a. homemade Mac-n-cheese. It was a HUGE hit! I also learn that he is a paci stealer. He never latched on to the paci himself so when he steals one he holds it straight up in the air like he won a prize.


It was the last day of school for the kids so we had a picnic lunch at the park and tcby to celebrate. I love my job!

Time to pick up Clay Baby! He’s in different clothes because of the mess from lunch. He eats lunch naked now.

6:40-7 pm Dinnertime! Mike usually feeds Clay while I pack Clay’s bottles and food for the next day.

7-7:45 pm Bathtime/playtime/story time/dishes. This is when we try to wear Clay out as much as possible.

7:45-8(:15sh) pm Mike puts Clay to bed while I finish dishes/cleaning up.

8:15-9 pm Mike leaves, I eat dinner and gorge on blog reading.

I do one of the 8 minute videos.

9:08ish pm I debate going to bed but inevitably get sucked into Netflix, blogs, more laundry, etc.

11 pm I finally pass out watching Pretty Little Liars.

And that is our day!

Today I’m linking up with Mommy Mondays Blog Hop!

Mommy Mondays



One thought on “A Day in the Life

  1. Rachel

    Great idea for a post and to remember for your scrapbook! Now I’m craving some mac’n’cheese! lol! Thanks for linking up with us for Mommy Mondays! 🙂


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