Weekend in Review


Stick with me here…this is gonna be short and sweet because I’m lame and it’s past my bedtime!

Starting top left going clockwise (err, maybe I forgot to do numbers too):

-Clay baby had toast with jelly for the first time. He though it was magical. Also, he plays with his ears all the time! How am I supposed to know when he actually has an ear infection??

-Sunburn. Ouch. This is why you wear sunscreen on 4.5 mile walks.

-Teething baby. Yuck.

-I love Sunday mornings in bed with this guy!

-8 minute arms. Look it up on YouTube. Also, you should follow The Hungry Runner Girl

-I finally made meatballs that I liked! Recipe to come later this week!

-Matt Damon or Matt Damon?

-With my library card I can get FREE digital issues of magazines delivered to my ipad. Sawheet!

-I took and edited pictures of this cutie pie last night.

If you sat through all that you deserve an award. So go make yourself a nice GRILLED peanut butter and jelly (or banana with honey). You’re welcome.



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