This Weekend and the Weekly Chase…

It was another super productive weekend!

On Saturday all of this happened…


So basically a lot of fun time with little man. He refused to look at me when I was taking his picture. We went on our weekly trip to Target and Clay got cute new shoes. He also fought sleep. A lot.

Sunday was also pretty awesome…


I found a new whole wheat pancake recipe so I had chocolate chip pancakes and Clay had his with blackberries on top. Clearly he enjoyed his. A beautiful run, delicious water, and amazing BBQ pizza (yum!). And Clay decided to help me with the laundry which meant him clapping for me and climbing on the clothes basket.

So on to the Weekly Chase…

Road Runner Girl

This month my challenge goal has been to focus on becoming a healthier person, inside and out.

Let’s recap last week:

Read three chapters in the nutrition book I picked up.

Stick to my meal plan and make sure I’m drinking enough water!
Done! And done! I’ve been putting lemon, strawberries, and spearmint from Bennie in a pitcher with water and it is delicious!

Work on my 20 mile goal!
Done! I ran three times this past week! I finally hit 50 miles for the year!

Me time AND Clay time.
Done! I got to enjoy a bubble bath and spend some time just playing with Clay. Both were amazing!

On the agenda for this week:

Read nutrition book.

Work on a rough meal plan for May.

Run at least 3 times.

Me time and Clay time.

I really need to focus on relaxing more! It’s just so hard when there’s always so much to do!

Good luck this week!



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