High Five for Friday

This almost got posted last night. Almost. Anywho, I’m linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday (a day late)!

 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpg


1. I saw these cute little pots at Target for $3 and couldn’t resist! They came with the seeds & dirt to plant strawberries, daisies, and cilantro.


2. Free eggs! My aunt and uncle have chickens and are kind enough to share the eggs. I’m so glad they do- it helps feed my addiction. Yes, I am addicted to egg/cheese/ketchup sandwiches. Delicious.


3. Meal planning like crazy! It has paid off already! I have Clay’s meals prepared and frozen for the next two weeks and all the ingredients I need for my dinners this week. Plus I’ve frozen enough leftovers that I could just not cook for two weeks. Yesssssss!


4. I think I have an illness that prevents me from taking a normal picture. Please ignore how rough I looked- this was after my first trail run ever!


5. Run for Boston on Wednesday with Liz!

Dun-dun-dun…it’s time for the Clay edition of High Five for Friday!


(I have to include a few embarrassing photos for use when he starts dating, right?)

Have a great weekend, guys!



3 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

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