Weekly Chase

This is what my Sunday afternoon was like. It was glorious. I got amazing photos of the kiddo.


On to the chase!

Road Runner Girl

The challenge this month is to focus on growing in some way. I’m going to focus on growing healthier. In order to better focus on this, all of my weekly chase goals will be related to this!

Here’s a recap of last week:

Go to the library and find books to read on nutrition.
Done! I had to put in a request for the two I wanted so hopefully I can pick them up soon!

Make Clay and I loose food plans for the month.
I’ve picked out five recipes for the rest of the month that I want to make. My plan is to sit down each Saturday and plan out the next week’s meals using a couple of the recipes. I’m hoping I can get four meals out of each, make Clay a few meals to freeze, and then just freeze what’s leftover (if any!). I’m trying to find more “Clay friendly” meals. At this point I’m willing to throw anything in the food processor, but there are still a few things off limits for Clay baby.

Run 20 miles this month.
I ran 4 in the past week :/ Erk.

Take some time to myself everyday.
I did get to spend some time last week with Liz catching up on our favorite shows but some days it just didn’t happen.

This week my goals are pretty similar:

Read the books on nutrition when I pick them up.

Work on a shopping list & go this weekend.
I want to go through the recipes I want to make and go shopping this weekend for food to last til the end of the month. Obviously I’ll still have to make weekly trips for produce but I’m hoping this helps!

Work on my 20 mile goal.

Me time

Short and simple. Hopefully easy peasy!

Good luck to all of my fellow chasers!



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