7 months!

Well, we’ve made it another month. Clay baby turned 7 months old this past Thursday!

Doesn’t he look like the Lorax here? “I speak for the trees!”

The months are going by so fast. It seems like we just brought him home from the hospital. I didn’t think it was possible but it seems like Clay gets more personality every day! He’s such a little ham!


In honor of Clay’s 7 month birthday, here are 7 fun facts about the baby:

1. His nickname at daycare is spider monkey because when the teachers try to hold him he climbs up them like a little spider monkey.

2. Clay’s first meat was quail. This wasn’t planned. Clay had just been given the all clear for dairy, eggs, and meat the week before we went to Tennessee for Easter. We had tried yogurt, cheese, and eggs but hadn’t quite made it to the meats yet when we went to my grandparents’ for dinner last Thursday. And guess what they were having for dinner. Quail.

3. Clay said mama and dada on the same day. So say what you will, but I’m convinced that Clay knows who mama and dada are. A week or so ago I went to daycare to visit Clay and when he saw me this is what went down:
Clay: “Mama!”
Me: “Yay! You said mama before you said dada!”
Clay: “Dadadadadadada”
Haha. He cracks me up.

4. Clay has tried 21 fruits and vegetables and loved every single one! I went a little crazy with the baby food making. Clay ended up trying a new fruit/vegetable every 3 days. Looking back, I’m so glad that I did this! He’s gotten to try so many different foods!

5. Clay’s two buddies are named Patrick and Larry. I named Larry with the intention that he would have a Moe and Curly. Patrick got his name because after week of me calling him “friend,” Clay’s daycare teacher decided he should be Patrick after we had a conversation about how I liked St. Patrick’s Day and that Mike’s middle name was Patrick.

6. Clay is named after my grandfather and uncle- Arlie Clay and Tony Clay. Lucas came from my slight obsession with One Tree Hill. Not that I love the character Lucas (I think he’s a very whiny boy), but I was watching it a lot when it was baby naming time (I also loved Peyton for a little girl).

7. My son is a bed hog. I already feel sorry for his future wife. The other night Clay was sick so I let him sleep with me. I woke up on the edge of my queen size bed. Silly boy. (He so gets it from me.)

Okay, enough talk. I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from the past month!

Clay had three St. Patrick’s Day shirts. Don’t judge.


He’s so happy!



He kills me with his faces!

Okay, I’m having to restrain myself from posting 100 photos so I’m gonna close now before I get too carried away!

Happy Wednesday everyone!



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