Weekly Chase

I promise I’m still here! The past couple of weeks have been crazy. We traveled to Tennessee this past weekend for Easter and it was such a nice break!

how adorable is that kid??

Gosh, I could spend all day posting photos of him but I’ll hold back (you really should go chek out my Facebook or Instagram page).

Road Runner Girl

Let’s recap the chase from two weeks ago:

The March challenge goal was TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! Last month I focused on finishing up decorating and organizing my apartment.

…look up baby food meat meals and make a shopping list of ingredients and plan my meals through Easter break.
Err. I kinda did that. We made it anyway. Haha.

Work on his room and getting the apartment baby proofed. He’s gonna be crawling soon! Yikes!
Not done at all.

Take a nap and work on my blog!
50%. I napped. It’s a very distant memory now…

Run three times (I’ve already missed one so I’m playing catch up) and do 4 planks.
Fail. I’ve ran once in the past two weeks. No excuses.

Complete all my projects on my to do list this week!

Send love to someone EVERYDAY this week. Text, card, phone call, present, anything to show I love them!
:/ I did send out Easter cards with a picture of my sweet baby though 🙂

Finish getting my room organized and the last few frames hung.
85% there. I’ve done all I can do without making trips to Lowes and Ikea so hopefully I’ll be done soon!

This week:

The challenge this month is to focus on growing in some way. I’m going to focus on growing healthier. In order to better focus on this, all of my weekly chase goals will be related to this!

Go to the library and find books to read on nutrition.
I have a fairly good grasp on healthy eating from working at the gym (and common sense), but I would really like to understand the whys instead of just knowing the whats.

Make Clay and I loose food plans for the month.
It’s getting way more difficult to plan out his meals (I planned the entire month of March in under 30 minutes) now that Clay has ventured past fruits and veggies. We have eggs and meats and yogurt and so many choices.

Run 20 miles this month.
I must do this!

Take some time to myself everyday.
Even if it’s just fifteen minutes it will be good for me to have some stress free time!

Hopefully I’ll do better this week!!

Good luck to all of my fellow chasers!



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