Weekly Chase

I meant to do this yesterday but a really good book and sleep prevailed…

Road Runner Girl

Let’s recap last week:

The March challenge goal is TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! This month I am going to focus on finishing up decorating and organizing my apartment.

challenge goal
I finished one before I ran out of paint, but it was the larger one so I got tons of clothes put away!

Read him at least one book a day.
Erk… We did get some good snuggle time in though!

Bubble bath 🙂

Run 3 times this week and stretch!
I ran, but no stretching 😦

Make the kids berry salsa.
This didn’t happen but we did attempt healthy mozzarella sticks yesterday. I say attempt because it turns out that the bread crumbs had grown bugs (ewwwwwww) so Zoe decided she was going to make her own breadcrumbs… Haha. At least we had fun!

Make at least three new foods for Clay and one new meal for me.
Done! Corn, raspberries, blackberries, and a taco bowl!

Surprise someone with something this week! I’m not sure what yet but I’ll know when the time comes!
Done! I left Mike a Guinness from Clay and me for St. Paddy’s Day!

This week I will…

…look up baby food meat meals and make a shopping list of ingredients and plan my meals through Easter break.

Work on his room and getting the apartment baby proofed. He’s gonna be crawling soon! Yikes!

Take a nap and work on my blog!

Run three times (I’ve already missed one so I’m playing catch up) and do 4 planks.

Complete all my projects on my to do list this week!

Send love to someone EVERYDAY this week. Text, card, phone call, present, anything to show I love them!

Finish getting my room organized and the last few frames hung.

I’ve got this, right???

Good luck to all of my fellow chasers!



2 thoughts on “Weekly Chase

  1. Mindy @ Road Runner Girl

    Yes Jess! You’ve got this girl! Great job on those goals last week! And good luck this week too! I remember those days when my boys starting crawling…so much fun!!! But the babyproofing is a must! I would get down on my hands and knees (their level) to help me see what needed babyproofing. 🙂


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