High Five for Friday!!!

If you don’t like pictures of insanely cute babies just go away now…

I completely slacked on taking photos of anything other than Clay this week so you’re just gonna get a bunch of cuteness and be happy about it!

Today I’m linking up with Lauren @ from my grey desk for High Five for Friday!



I might have one of the most expressive children ever.

I’ve started to attempt to edit my own photos of Clay (right bottom photo) this past week and I have NO idea what I’m doing. Does anybody have any good books/sites that you could recommend??

Anyway, in lieu of photos I’ll just tell you about five awesome things:

1) I’ve actually been sticking to my running workouts and I must say I’m starting to enjoy running a wee bit! Bring on the half in November!

2) It’s getting warmer! I was able to wear shorts on two runs this week and I’m starting to see a wee bit (apparently I’m obsessed with saying a “wee bit”) of color on my legs!

3) Tickets have been purchased to see Gavin Degraw in July with Leah! Yayyyyyyyyy!

4) I got a super cute pair of green flats on Monday!

5) My friend Leah and I chat through messenger on our iPads. These chats consist almost solely of funny photos we’ve found on Pinterest. So I’m pretty much guaranteed to pee myself laughing at least once a day.

Have a great weekend!!


P.S. when I typed “love” my iPad wanted me to say “lovemaking.” Awkward.


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