Weekly Chase


Okay, you’re Monday is better now, right?

There have definitely been moments of overwhelming frustration during this past week but I’m pretty happy with everything that I accomplished!

Road Runner Girl

Let’s recap last week:

The March challenge goal is TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! This month I am going to focus on finishing up decorating and organizing my apartment.

*challenge goal*
This week I’m going to focus on getting all of my frames hung and on getting at least one of my dressers painted.
I got several pictures hung and I’m halfway done with both dressers so that counts, right?


Finish organizing Clay’s closet and make sure I’m giving him plenty of cuddle time!
I didn’t get around to his closet but we definitely cuddled lots!

Make sure I’m getting rest! Sometimes I just need to learn to leave the mess and go to bed.
I did this, but then I felt guilty :/ But in other news, I bought myself pretty flowers!


Run 3 times this week.
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I did it! And as my reward I get to buy a song off ITunes 🙂 I even ran 3.75 miles straight! Without stopping!

Make a meal plan.
Well, I decided to have some version of a taco bowl the week so I’ll count it as a loose meal plan.

Distribute brownies and mail cards.
Check! I took part of the brownies (recipe here!) to Clay’s daycare teachers with thank you notes and part of them went to friends! I also got my cards mailed on Friday!

This week

I’m going to (hopefully) keep it pretty simple this week…

challenge goal
Finish dressers and get my clothes put away! Finally!

Read him at least one book a day.

Bubble bath 🙂

Run 3 times this week and stretch!

Make the kids berry salsa.

Make at least three new foods for Clay and one new meal for me.

Surprise someone with something this week! I’m not sure what yet but I’ll know when the time comes!

Good luck to all of my fellow chasers!



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