Weekly Chase

Road Runner Girl

Recap of last week:

1. Run, run, run & add workouts!
One run :/ The weather this weekend was yucky and I didn’t want to drag Clay out in it.

2. Get our morning routine to under two hours.
I somehow got ready in under two hours but I still want our mornings to have more organization.

3. Water!
Err…I drank a lot but didn’t record it…

4. Get caught up on laundry and not let it get out of control.
Does it count if I got caught up last night? I think so!

5. Complete the Flat Stanley I got and mail it back.
Done! I can’t wait to write a post about this!

6. Do something nice for someone.
So I attempted to make Clay’s daycare teachers cookies, but I burnt them. So I ate them all myself. Sigh. BUT I did still take them cute notepads and Valentine’s from Clay. AND I mailed out several cards on Saturday!

7. Keep up with posting on a regular basis.
Yay! I did this! Check out my posts from last week!

8. Read to Clay everyday!
This is still pretty sporadic. We have a very loose bedtime routine because sometimes Mike puts him down and sometimes I do.

Overall I think I did fairly well. I at least did part of all of my goals!

This week:

Instead of being off the wall with my goals I’m going to focus on one goal from each “area” of my life.

Take Clay to yoga on Wednesday! I bought a package of classes a month ago and need to start using them!

Take a bubble bath! I’ve decided this should be a weekly requirement for mommys!

Get to work at 8 on Tuesday and Thursday so I can work short days Wednesday and Friday.

Clean off my dining room table! It sets right as you walk in the door and has unfortunately become a dumping ground for mail, projects, etc.

Run three times and do at least one Nike workout.

Make Clay more baby food and breakfast burritos for me to freeze 🙂

I have a few ideas for some things to do…I’ll let you know next week how they work!

Good luck to all of my fellow chasers!



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