Thankful Thursday

Since today is Valentine’s Day, the object of my thankfulness is… My little man, Clay Lucas!

I’m always hesitant to stay that Clay Lucas was an accident. Because although he wasn’t a part of the plan I had for my life, he was definitely part of the plan that God had for my life. I have always known that I wanted to have kids someday, always felt like that was my calling in life- to be a mother. But in no way was I thinking about having one when I got pregnant. I was single, I had just started working for a family a few months before that I loved, I had no family in Charlotte. How would things work? I completely put all my faith in God. I had NO clue how everything was going to work. How could I handle a baby and a full time job? Would I still have a job?

One of Clay’s newborn portraits

and here we are… Clay is almost six months old and I couldn’t imagine my life any differently. I’m still working for the same (very supportive) family, Clay’s dad sees him every day and helps out, my friends are great, and I have found an awesome daycare for Clay.


This little man is the light of my life. On a daily basis he makes me laugh and cry and love so much that it hurts. In lieu of me blabbing more I will leave you with some photos of Clay that are my recent favorites!

First Valentine’s Day!



Such a personality already!





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