Training Tuesday

Well, hello there! On Tuesdays (well, maybe not every Tuesday), I will be bringing you Training Tuesdays. I’ll be sharing updates on my race training and all that goes with it (running, workouts, weight loss, eating well).

Without further ado…

My first race of 2013 is coming up on April 6th and I’m so excited! I’m running a Color Me Rad 5k in Knoxville with Lizbeth! So far I’m up to running a mile and a half without stopping and I have my mile to under 12. This is HUGE for me! Liz had made me a running program and she’s already had to adjust it once because I’ve been doing so well! Woohoo!

I decided last week to add other workouts to my training and had multiple people refer me to the Nike Training Club app. So far I’ve only done one workout but I love it!
Here’s why:
-It has different level workouts (beginner, advanced, etc).
-It has videos showing you how to do the move.
-It has 15 minute workouts for when I’m running short on time.
-You can sync the music off of your phone to the workout.
-It talks to you throughout the workout!

If you’re looking for new workouts I would recommend that you give the Nike Training Club app a try!

Well, that’s all for now!

Happy Tuesday!



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