Reindeer Romp 5k

After I had Clay I couldn’t wait to start working out again! Besides some rock climbing I had majorly slacked off the few months before I got pregnant and during my pregnancy I climbed a little at the beginning then just walked the rest of the time. I contemplated getting a gym membership again but honestly, I can think of a million other ways to spend $50 and when would I ever have time to go? Who would watch Clay? It was then that I decided to start running. I’ve tried in the past but I was pretty determined to stick with it. It’s free (or should I say WAY cheaper), I can take Clay (weather permitting), and it’s a great workout.

I decided from the beginning that I should just pick a race and sign up for it. I thought if I did tht I would definitely stick with running because I had paid the entry fee! I started running on October 14th and my race wasn’t until December 15th. I could do that, no problem, right? Umm…

Life happened. It was harder than I thought to get back in the work schedule with a baby, we moved at the end of November, and we travelled to Tennessee for Thanksgiving. I think by the time December 15th rolled around I had ran a total of 9 times and was no where near being able to run a 5k straight.

Since the Reindeer Romp was a run/walk I went ahead with it. Liz joined me the morning of the race and we did run/walk intervals. Honestly, there were a couple of times where I wanted to stop and refuse to run any further. I hung with it though (thanks to Lizbeth) and even ran the last little bit across the finish line. My time was a very slow 47:30; but I finished!

I recently signed up for two more 5ks. One in Knoxville in April and one at the Biltmore (!) Estate in May. Liz and my schedules are finally matching up more so we’re able to run together more and it helps so much! I’ve forgone the Couch to 5k method and am now on the Liz Dawkins training plan. It helps so much to have an accountability partner with my running!

First race bib!

Liz and me after the race!

Sweet medal



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