5 months

I love pictures. I get it from my family- I grew up with a camera in my face. There are albums and albums of me when I was younger. So it’s only natural that I would take tons of pictures of Clay (no joke, there are over a 1,000 pictures of him on my phone already). Sometimes after Clay is asleep or while I’m at work I find myself going through the pictures of him on my phone or on Facebook and I find myself in complete awe. I did that? The other night I found myself on one such journey looking through photos from the hospital and I was amazed at how much Clay has grown already. In honor of Clay’s 5 month birthday (a few days late), here’s a look back at each month:


This photo was taken less than an hour after Clay Lucas was born. I LOVE how alert my little man has been, right from the start!


1 month old!


2 months old! He was already beginning to show SO much personality!


3 months!


4 months. This photo was taken around 11:30 one night. Clay was refusing to sleep so I thought I would at least be productive!



And at 5 months! You’ll notice that he seems to have lost a 1/4 inch…apparently the nurse and I measure differently (meaning I’m sure she doesn’t use the tape measure from her tool box).

I can’t wait to continue to share photos with you of Clay as he grows!



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