Thankful Thursday

Okay, I’m going to try this again…

Today I am thankful for…Lizbeth! Or as most of you know her, Liz. If you don’t know her, go check out her blog!

I met Liz my sophomore year in college while working on the new student orientation committee. Or wait, maybe we met in a class, Philosophy of Coaching? Clearly I am getting old. Anywho, it wasn’t until our senior year that we really became friends.

Senior year

The DAY after we graduated from college, Liz and I set off with a group from college to Kenya for a mission trip. It was the experience of a lifetime and I’m so glad I got to experience it with Liz!

In Kenya

After graduated, Liz moved back to Roanoke and I stayed in Bristol. The next year Liz had moved to Charlotte and I back to Strawberry Plains. Unlike most long distance friendships, Liz and I still talked a ton! I visited her in Charlotte a couple of times and fell in love with the city!

First trip to Charlotte!

After Liz’s wedding in July 2010, I decided to take the plunge and in October of that year I moved to Charlotte!

With the beautiful bride!

Anyway, back to why I’m thankful for Liz! She’s an awesome running buddy, motivator, and she never skips a beat when I send her some ridiculous text! I’m so thankful to have a friend to chat with throughout the workday or I would go crazy! Liz is also the only friend I know who will have an Olympic party with me…

Very pregnant me with Liz and our Olympic goodies 🙂

I’m a big believer in everything happening for a reason. If I had never became friends with Liz, I never would have moved to Charlotte, and I never would have had this amazing creature…

(Had to sneak him in somehow)

So, this wasn’t very well written, but it’s so full of photos that I think it makes up for it!

Who are you thankful for in your life?



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