Weekly Chase

I had really high hopes for this week and did fairly well at the beginning of the week…

Road Runner Girl

Recap of last week:

1. Spend at least fifteen minutes a day playing with Clay…
I did this most of the week. There were a couple of days where the only real playtime I got was stopping in at daycare for a few minutes.

2. Spend at least fifteen minutes a day on myself.
I definitely did this plus some. And felt guilty about it 😦

3. Do a plank a day.
I missed three days but my longest time was 45 seconds!

4. Run 3 times this week!
I ran twice this week. I missed Friday because I didn’t want to run with Clay in the rainy weather on Friday and honestly much more enjoyed extra time cuddling with my little man.

5. Get our clothes organized!
FAIL. I got all of our clothes folded and put away but not organized and now I’m back to square one with a pile to fold when I get home.

Goals for this week:

1. Read to Clay each morning
Most nights Clay’s dad does the nightly routine so I don’t get a lot of time with Clay in the evenings so we’re going to move story time to the mornings and see if that works better.

2. Continue with the plank a day and do all 7 this week
I would also like to hold one plank for at least a minute.

3. Read for fifteen minutes a day
I used to read a ridiculous amount, like multiple books a week. I think I’ve only finish 3 or 4 books since Clay was born and that is just not acceptable! Haha…

4. Run three times this week
I have got to get with it! I just registered for another 5k in April with Liz!

5. Have all of my “stuff” done and be in bed by 11.
By “stuff” I mean lunch packed, bottles packed, smoothie and coffee ready to be made, clothes laid out…blah blah blah. Haha. There are a million things to do for each day and I am NOT a morning person so it’s much easier if I get it all done the night before.

6. Make baby food
Yes, I am going to attempt to make my own baby food. From what I’ve read and the friends I’ve spoken to, I gather it is relatively easy and cheaper. (Any tips appreciated!) My goal is to have peas and green beans frozen by next week.

Good luck to all of my fellow chasers!



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