Weekly Chase

So I’ve slacked on this lately, but I think I’ve had a good reason:


Anyway, he’s in daycare and I’m back at work so it’s time for some goal setting. Ready, set, go!
#1 Get Clay to daycare on time! Well, at least the time I want him to be there. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday I have to be at work by 8 so this is easier but on Wednesday and Friday I work whenever I want so I took him around eleven last week. I’d like to have him there by 9 to get us on a schedule of sorts and so I have plenty of time for goal #2.
#2 Do my three running workouts for the week! That’s right. I’ve started running… I’m doing the Couch to 5k program and hope to run a 5k in January/February. I’ll be blogging about my journey and I’m sure it will be amusing to say the least!
#3 Increase my breastmilk supply. I’m seriously struggling with keeping breastmilk pumped for him to have at daycare. Today I had to take him milk three times right after I pumped it. I’ve started taking More Milk Plus and drinking Mother’s Milk Tea and I’ve added several pumping.
Wish me luck!


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