Here we go…

Six weeks ago today I gave birth to this wonderful creature:


This morning after dropping Clay Lucas off for his first day of daycare I went for my six week checkup. Oh, how I have NOT missed going to the doctor! However, I was given the all clear to workout! Woohoo! Hopefully within the next week or so I can get into a routine and start working out again. Until then I have decided to start eating healthy again. Here’s my yummy berry/banana/spinach/greek yogurt smoothie.


My first goal as of now is to get to my prepregnancy weight by January 1st. That’s 20 pounds my friends. At the same time I need to make sure I eat enough (& healthy) food since I’m breastfeeding.
My second goal is to attempt running. I HATE RUNNING. However, I want to try for a few of reasons: I would have something set in stone to work towards (races, miles); there are so many gorgeous places to run in Charlotte; it’s something I can take Clay to do (hello, jogging stroller!); I’ve heard (and have yet to believe) that it’s a good stress reliever.
So there you have it. I’m committing to live a healthier life not just for myself but also for my little one!


Ahh!!! So adorable! Time to go snuggle!



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