Weekly Chase

Still pregnant here…I wasn’t dilated at all on Thursday but I go back to the doctor today to make a plan and I’ve had every prelabor sign known to man. Hopefully he decides to come soon because I really want to avoid having to be induced at the hospital! So far I’ve tried a bazillion things that are supposed to induce labor…pineapple, Chinese food, walking, breast pump, and on and on and on. Haha. Someday I will blog about my experiences with all the things I tried. Anyway, onto the Weekly Chase…

This week I was…legen…wait for it…dary! (if you have not seen the show How I Met Your Mother, do so now, please)

  • Rest as much as possible I did this! I only babysat for a couple of hours each morning and cut my work hours down from 30 to 20! I even took 3! bubble baths…and ate a cupcake in the bathtub…hehe, I’m pregnant, don’t judge!
  • Walk I did this! I walked for 45 minutes on Monday and on Saturday I walked to Dean and Deluca and to Paper Source to get supplies! Yay!
  • Work on Clay’s scrapbook and finish crocheting his Cowboys hat Bam, I rocked this! The scrapbook is 75% finished and here is the hat:
  • image

  • Hydrate I was a ROCKSTAR most days when it came to this. And I forced (by forced I mean bugged constantly all day) my friend Liz on my quest to hydrate!

Goals for this week:

  • Have this baby.

However, until that precious time comes, here are my goals for this week:

  • Read the posts from other Weekly Chasers!!! I have had so many wonderful comments from you all and every time I sit down to read everyone’s I get through one or two then get sidetracked (baby brain, anyone?).
  • Continue to walk, hydrate, and rest I feel great physically (most of the time) so I want to stay as active as possible until I deliver without wearing myself down.
  • Work on Clay’s scrapbook and Rhonda’s blanket Maybe I’ll get the scrapbook done by the time he’s 50… And I  starting making a blanket for my dear friend Rhonda. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I thought a lap blanket might be a good addition to her next care package 🙂
  • Bake cookies I’m such a hostess. Like I can’t help it. It’s bad. Anyway, I want a treat to take to the hospital to share with my family, friends, and nurses. I will draw the line at making everyone individual treat bags…maybe :0




3 thoughts on “Weekly Chase

  1. Christy @momrunner

    Oh, girl! I sure hope your little one makes his debut for you sooner than later! I know you HAVE TO BE ready! Don’t sweat the small stuff right now. Take care of yourself and rest up while you can. Hope you have a great week… and a baby!


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