Weekly Chase

Well, I’m still pregnant. Lol. 39 weeks and 1 day. I’m so anxious to meet him and snuggle I can barely stand it!! Since I’ll probably be out of touch for a little while after, when little Clay has decided to join us, you can see pictures of him on my friend Liz’s blog!

And the verdict is…

  • Paint my toenails Done 🙂

  • Walk two days and do a pool workout 
  • Well, I only walked one day with this cutie but I spent time at Target and the mall yesterday then spent 9 hours helping my friend Amy unpack at her new apartment…so I’m not too sad about missing a walk and workout.

  • Finish a food plan for my friend Liz I have started and after some info from Liz am almost done!
  • Work on my checklist for Clay Carseat is still in the dining room, I decided to keep the stroller in the front closet, the outfit still isn’t ironed (I just hate ironing. I’m hoping I go into labor so this task will fall on someone else…is that horrible?), and I just got the pictures in the mail for the scrapbook so I can start working on that!
  • NO TEXTING/INTERNET WHILE DRIVING! I have done really well with this! I won’t say it hasn’t been hard to break this habit but I’m doing it!

Goals for this week:

  • Rest as much as possible If you know me, then you know that this is hard for me to do…especially when there’s dishes in the sink, laundry to be done, etc.
  • Walk I know, third week in a row…but I think it’s a good goal 🙂
  • Work on Clay’s scrapbook and finish crocheting his Cowboys hat I’m so behind it’s not funny with the scrapbook and the hat just needs to be finished by his newborn portrait session but I’m betting after he arrives I won’t have much time.
  • Hydrate Some days I get so caught up in work or doing other things that I don’t realize I’ve been slacking til it’s 8pm and I’m sucking down water like I just spent a month in the Sahara. Then I end up peeing all night long (who am I kidding, that happens regardless of my fluid intake). Anyway, I want to be more conscious about making sure I’m getting enough water!




6 thoughts on “Weekly Chase

  1. Christy @ momrunner

    Great job with last week’s goals! I know you must be getting so anxious. Seems like the time goes by at warp speed during those last weeks. Good luck on getting in your goals for the week. Concentrate on the have to’s and let the want to’s come as they can. Everyone will definitely understand!


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