Weekly Chase

I’m doing it! I’m doing the weekly chase! I found out about it from my friend Liz, who also is participating in the Weekly Chase. To learn more about it click on the badge above.


  • Walk one day this weekI am currently 37 weeks pregnant. At the beginning of my pregnancy I was doing really well with walking and my job is very active. But recently, due to the heat (100 degrees!!) and a suspected stress fracture in my left foot, I have not been doing any extra walking outside of what’s necessary. However, this week it is cooler and my foot is feeling better so I hope to walk one day this week.
  • No eating out try to resist the urge to go out to eat except for a possible Girls Night Out.
  • Finish a book– I want to get as much reading done while I still can before the baby comes.
  • To Post for Food Friday on time– each Friday I attempt to post a recipe that I have tried. However, the last two weeks I have been late getting my posts up on my blog. (Be sure to check out the recipes I have already shared)

Check back next week to see my goals went!



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